What ever flavor combination you choose, there is no extra charge for fillings or different shapes or flavors in each tier of your cake. If you have a special flavor you are looking for and it isn't on the list, just ask, I would be glad to try to accomdate you. Rolled Fondant covered cakes at no additional charge. I offer a variety of specialty cake flavors such as the Almond-Poppyseed filled with Oregon Marionberries, this is the most requested combination. If you long for the elegant look of rolled fondant for your wedding cake or grooms cake, but have heard nasty rumors about its taste and texture, don't despair. Not all fondants are created equal, the kind I offer tastes quite good. It is applied over fresh buttercream, and can be used with any of the cake flavors offered.

Cake Flavors Filling Flavors Frosting Choices
French Vanilla Chocolate Ganache Buttercream: Vanilla or Chocolate
Chocolate Raspberry Rolled Fondant
Dark Chocolate Oregon Marionberry Cream Cheese
Mocha/Chocolate Lemon Curd Ganache
Poppy Seed:

Almond, Lemon or Plain

Vanilla Custard
Carrot with or with nuts & raisins

Hazelnut Ganache

Mocha (dark chocolate & espresso)